Wednesday, March 21, 2018

approaching normal

I remember when I was a junior in high school. In my English class, we kept a journal. It was a very odd time in my life. Probably my worst year of school. My grades slipped terribly. It definitely complicated my status as President of the Honors Society. Most of that year is a blur. I was just starting to admit to myself that I was gay. That's sort of beyond the point for what I wanted to write about. 

At a certain moment in the year, I stopped writing in my journal. I started listening to a lot of alternative music. I remember being completely enthralled with a couple of Big Country records. One of them was The Crossing. The other -and the one I'm listening to at the moment- was The Seer. When I stopped writing my original thoughts, I started copying lyrics into my journal. It was a way to keep writing, even though I wasn't coming up with anything on my own. It maybe was a cop-out.

Now that I'm much older I made a little effort to do well in keeping up with the blog for a little over a month, and suddenly, a monthgoes by and I've forgotten to keep at it. There's no real excuse either. My life has been returning to a new kind of normal. I've been playing tennis again with some regularity. This is a good thing, in that I've been playing early in the morning. The 7:30 a.m. court time means I have to leave before 7 since it's a 30 minute walk. I often get through a couple of news-related podcasts on my walk there and back. A cab ride would probably cost me about $1.25, but I prefer to walk. Besides, I can use that $1.25 later in the day to pick up some bread (my favorite bread in the world is readily available in Quito). Plus, it's a safe-ish time of day to walk around and I always miss my late night walks from when I lived in Portland, ME.

I digress. Back to my junior year. I would go to the library downtown about once a week. Especially when I had to get some books for research. Back in my day, one's library card was the Internet. In my case, it was a way to learn about and listen to music. There were about four or five albums that I would borrow repeatedly: Fleetwood Mac's Tango in the Night, the aforementioned Big Country records, and The Cure's Disintegration. All of them, vinyl. It was a kind of a neat time to be alive.

So, Santiago decided it was time to get a third chihuahua. I think the unspoken, informal deal is, I'll be cool about the third chihuahua, and in exchange, I get to spend more time doing stuff I used to do before we became my mom's guardians, such as tennis and music (been playing guitar, trying to remember Spouse songs for some upcoming shows). I've also been working on a few things: trying to advance a couple of improvements professionally, and trying to spend more time with myself. I forgot how much I enjoyed spending time on my own projects, on work, on exercise, etc. It also has the added bonus of making the time that Santiago and I spend together, (making meals and eating, running errands, or just chilling out for a little while with the dogs), all the more meaningful. 

Anyway, we went from a family of five to a family of four and back to a family of five.

So, here's the new pup, Aurora...

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