Wednesday, January 3, 2018

this must be the space

For a couple of years before moving to Hawaii, I found myself living, once again, in one of the most beautiful cities in North America -Portland, Maine.

Portland will always be a special place for me. It's where I've fallen in love time and again, with the views, the people, the music, the nightlife; even the isolation of it. I had been living there off and on for about 20 years. I once lived in rehearsal space that I rented. I couldn't afford both a rehearsal space and an apartment, so I concentrated on the former and found an amazing place. There was no shower. The bathroom, I shared with a dozen mechanics. Next door, my landlords, were a slightly upscale automotive repair shop. The space was 600 sq ft. It was fully carpeted (excellent for sound absorption). It had a water line that the previous tenant had rigged up. It was called Coachworks. Not sure if it's still there. 

I could lose myself in recounting the details of this space, but instead, I'll turn to music -my music- and maybe that will convey the sentiment I'm feeling. Simply, nostalgia.

This 55-second song is a fragment of a recording on an old handheld cassette recorder that I would use to track demos in this space. It was a rare occasion; my bandmates from SPOUSE drove up from NYC and Boston and spent a few days with me writing and rehearsing some tunes that would eventually become the third full-length, Are You Gonna Kiss or Wave Goodbye?

What I love about the track is that we captured a raw, unrehearsed moment. I know a lot of other bands do the same thing, but this series of chords really captures the feel of this transition. It was a huge transition, in fact. I had been living in Northampton, MA. I met a man that would go on to make a huge impression on my life. Though we dated briefly, my experience with him was profound and here I was, moving up to Maine to be close to him.

THIS is one of the recurring themes in my life, I can tell. When I'm in a relationship or when I'm starting one, I tend to relocate. It's easier for me because I telecommute for work. Okay, stumble on...

So, without further ado, I present the Coachworks EP (circa 2002). I recorded it on my Fostex 4-track machine, using an old Radio Shack microphone. Almost all of it was tracked in the space.

And if you're still reading, the same "space" I'm referring to is the subject of this SPOUSE tune...