Saturday, January 6, 2018

sometimes, where you least expect it

This afternoon, my husband, my mom, our two dogs and I went to a city park. It was closing and they wouldn't let us enter. We started driving back to our apartment and we stumbled upon a neighborhood park. Quito has many of them. Parque de México is the one we came across. We got out of the car to walk around and enjoy what was left of the late afternoon. It was a neat little park. Just as we started to head back towards the car, there was a statue there. It was a statue, donated by México to Quito, I believe. (I'm not entirely sure, though). 

It was a statue of José Alfredo Jiménez. Why is this name so familiar? He was the composer/author of one of my favorite Spanish-language songs, Amanecí en tus brazos -a song that I learned to play and sing, many, many years ago. I recorded it when I lived in Northampton, MA circa 1999/2000 for an EP that I released back in 2002 called Cinco Pesos. I recorded the song live to a Sony 2-track reel-to-reel machine that belonged to my father. I ran the vocal and guitar through a 70s era reverb unit that my friend Jeremy had lent me. It had a cool display, super trippy, like an old radio dial display, but with color bands that would shift a little as you adjusted the dial. It was super neat. Here's the track:

Anyway, I remember being so excited that I was taking on a new project. I was inspired to do a solo record, in Spanish. Since then, I have only recorded songs in Spanish as tracks to include on other albums. Maybe I could do a full-length Spanish album, but I'm not sure that's what I really want to do right now. Hmmm... I would, however, like to feel inspired like I did back then, and for that, I need to set up a personal studio space.